Top Features Available With Custom WordPress Theme Development
Custom WordPress Theme Development

Initially designed as a blogging platform, WordPress is now known as a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS) which comes with a wide variety of themes showcasing your business innovatively. With the big break of free as well as premium themes, creating WordPress websites with updated features is just like taking candy from a baby. The platform designed with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS coding allows for simplified customization to the code making it easy to read and comprehend.

Before you set out to choose a WordPress theme for your business, it’s great to know your business, targeted audience, competition, and context around your website. Secondly, you should look for an expert WPtheme developer for PSD to WordPress conversion and set up a theme with some basic understanding of the brand and customization required for your business.

Steps Followed For Custom WordPress Theme Development

  • The process starts with the arrangement of template files for different page components which include the header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php. The main template file should always be located in the theme’s directory.
  • Pages related to CSS and JavaScript should be allotted with a separate directory
  • The page template file should be saved as “page-about-template.php” in order to prevent future conflicts

WordPress interacts with a database to store useful content. During the creation of a new page, the content of page gets stored in a database and it is only viewable when the user asks for it. WordPress themes, which are a combination of CSS and PHP files, display the content placed in the database. WordPress Template hierarchy here contributes equally to determine the order your template files are loaded within WordPress theme. WordPress then searches for the files to determine how to load your site.

Once you have your first WordPress theme, you will definitely look forward to making your own framework. For doing so, you will need a set of files, functions, styles, and structures to launch the foundation for your WPproject. This depends wholly on the coding technologies. Similarly, updates, changes, or inclusions to your WordPress theme will be a child’s play.

Is it Worth Investing in Customized WPThemes?

Customized WP Themes allow full ownership. Once the theme development process gets wrapped up, the developer passes possessorship to you.

A custom built theme is a great choice if you are looking forward to taking an edge over your counterparts. A custom design again provides a better control over modifying the layout. For example, you can add/remove elements from the site based on your choice.

With custom WordPress theme development, getting on-page SEO is definitely a simple and smooth task when compared to changing the coding on an off-the-shelf theme by the end of a project.

Through a series of customized WordPress themes coupled with WYSIWYG design tools, you can get a customized website in a short span of time. Your site will have limitations technically, but the Customized WP themes available these days are quite visibly appealing and you can actually design a futuristic site if your objective is to sell some affiliate products, run your own blog, or providing an online presence for services you wish to provide. This approach will not only cost you less but also outgrow the capabilities of your WP site.

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