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Magento E-Commerce Store

20 Steps To Setup Your Own Magento E-Commerce Storefront

Magento is hailed as the most convenient and feature-packed e-commerce platform. It is ahead of its rivals at several fronts and therefore, has a widespread use among the developers. Setting up the storefront is easy with Magento owing to its simplistic design and easy-to-use features. Whether you own a large enterprise or a small business, […]

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Advantages Of Choosing Magento For Your Next eCommerce Store

Advantages Of Choosing Magento For Your Next eCommerce Store

An e-commerce store website resembles an online market place and therefore, should be designed meticulously to make sure that the users enjoy shopping from the website. In addition to offering a great user experience, the e-commerce portals must be programmed to track and record the preferences and shopping habits of the users. When it comes […]

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Joomla Wordpress Security

Are Joomla & WordPress Websites Secure Enough

Joomla & WordPress have opened the gateways for multifarious businesses to digital world. Most of the data reveals that millions of websites are powered by these open source frameworks. The common reasons are: Save development cost Offer multifarious features Ease in Maintenance Assist to secure top rankings in search engine result When it comes to […]

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Optimize WordPress Website

A Guide to WordPress Website Optimization for Search Engines

WordPress is inarguably the most popular content management system. Its reach can be assessed from the fact that 60 million websites use WordPress as their CMS. Some of the top websites like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America and Sony Music have WordPress managing their website. WordPress websites similar to all other websites need to […]

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Responsive Web Design

How Can Responsive Web Design Improve Your Business Prospects?

The recent impact of smartphones on our lives is something that is quite evident. The tasks that we used to accomplish using a desktop computer or a laptop can now be carried out by mobile phones. The advanced hardware and software that power these devices have made this feasible. There are about 2 Billion smartphone […]

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eCommerce website usability

Designing Aspects For Improved eCommerce Website Usability

As an e-commerce company, you would never want your buyers to get turned off by the website design or the navigation issues. There are two scenarios that mar the popularity of an e-commerce websites either the look and feel of the website is not appealing or the navigation of the website is faulty. In order […]

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magento e-Commerce website development

Why Magento Is Chosen For e-Commerce Website Development: Reasons?

In the growing e-commerce industry, designing and developing a shopping website is not a big deal as multiple platforms of e-commerce are available for this purpose. The only thing that matters a lot is to find a feature-rich and fully-fledged platform of such kind, so that the online shopping stores developed using it are out […]

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Google Mobilegeddon

Web Page Transcoding To Make The Site Comply With Google Mobilegeddon

Are you planning to renovate your current web pages? If it is true, then the reason should be clear and specific. The possible reasons are that either you want an appealing look with stunning graphics or your website lacks responsiveness and superb functionality. In most of the cases, a newly designed and feature-rich template may […]

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Mobile Apps & Responsive Website

Internet In Hands: Mobile Apps & Responsive Website Lead The Market

The dominance of mobile apps & responsive website is quite noticeable in the internet world to lead the online market. Around 60% of the users immediately leave a website, if it is not mobile-friendly. In the past some years, the count of Smartphone users has doubled or tripled. This shows that mobile apps and responsive […]

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