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Are you seeking for a mobile app developer? Are you planning to launch your mobile app or enhance the competence of your existing mobile app? Bill Gates once said, “If you do not have an online presence, then its better that you stay away from the business.” In this current scenario, this statement needs to […]

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Reasons to Hire a Mobile App Developers from India

How to outsource mobile app development work in India? How much does it cost to hire offshore developers from India? How much does it cost to develop or maintain an application? Should I hire freelancers or an established firm? How can I hire an iPhone app developer in India? The process of outsourcing means that […]

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Cost Involved In Hiring An App Developer

What Does It Cost To Hire A Mobile App Developer In 2019? Let’s Find Out!

In 2019, it has been calculated that the majority of the business owners possessed their apps. Thinking why? Well, the answer is pretty obvious, they are fast, intuitive, and fun to use. Of course, they are doing a commendable job in the revenue generation. This is why, the app count on the app stores are […]

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Key Evidences Modern Mobile Apps Remodeling Healthcare & Fitness Industry

This is the ultra-modern era where technology has covered each realm and healthcare is not behind in the list. Regularly emerging mobile apps made the healthcare industry an easily accessible platform for doctors as well as patients. Let’s discover some more facts about the scope of mobile apps in the medical sector. In this polluted […]

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Steps To Hire The Best Mobile App Developer

Business is like a bicycle that should keep moving forward or else you will fall down. Nowadays, you have to do more to keep the wheels moving forward, know more and act more. If you have your own business, but haven’t invested in a mobile app solution, you will surely miss the chance to maximize […]

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healthcare apps

Things to Remember While Designing Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps have got enough recognition among users. When you take a look at current statistics, around 1 lakh apps currently serve to this category. The healthcare apps come on 7th position with other mobile app categories. With the introduction of these medical apps, the life of users got easier to a higher extent. People […]

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Educational mobile apps have changed the phase of education. It has done amazing things for students, has made the learning process much easy and fun. Many application has also got features that boost the engagement via knowledge orientation activities. Mobile apps: How did it impact on the educational industry? The technology has influenced almost everything […]

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Healthcare mobile apps

Healthcare Mobile Apps: Unveiling The True Potential

The advancement in mobile app development has not even left the healthcare sector untouched. Mobile applications have greatly contributed to the service enhancement of healthcare sector. Also termed as mHealth, healthcare mobile apps are all set to empower the healthcare industry in the years to come. Mobile health services can be categorized into two areas, […]

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Cab & Taxi Booking App Development

Cab & Taxi Booking App Development Reinventing Taxi Service Business

The inception of mobile technology has made it pretty easier to operate any business via an app. Owing to this rapid advancing technology, creating an app like Uber has become quite simplified. Uber, as a trendsetter has revolutionized the life of commuters by providing them the comfort of a personal car ride. The successful rise […]

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On-Demand Mobile Apps: Delivering Personalized Services

Convenience is what people look for these days. Whether it is about buying a gift or ordering your favorite dinner, everything these days is controlled by our smartphones. With the help of smartphones, we can easily acquire desired services right at the door. This is the charm of on-demand mobile apps. On-demand-app-based services are making […]

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