Why Your Retail Outlet Needs M-Commerce App Development
M-Commerce App Development

In last few years, the number of mobile users has grown rapidly all over the world. All of these users find online shopping convenient via mobile commerce app. According to Statista, the transaction value of global m-commerce is going to reach about $460 billion in 2018 and nearly $700 billion in 2019. And, till 2021, m-commerce will take more than 50% of all e-commerce transactions. This revolution forms an ever-increasing demand of m-commerce app development for retail stores and other businesses.

For running a successful business around the city in stores and insides the houses, retailers must need an app or website. The digital revolution results in fast-paced modern lifestyle. So, people are not only willing but also enjoying the advantages of tech-advanced, and more accessible means of shopping. After having a business the second important thing is having a feature-rich stunning app.

M-commerce app development is a great additional valuable tool to engage customers and offer superior experiences. If any amount of investment done wisely to make these apps, one can generate huge profits.

Here Are The Main Advantages Of M-Commerce App Development For Retail Businesses:

M-Commerce App Development

Personalized services:

Customer loyalty is one of the crucial factors to boom your business. Making various offers through apps using push notifications or SMS like discounts, coupons, specific deals, attract more customer’s and this can result in the direct sales. Nowadays, this step is welcomed by customers and retailers are moving ahead to use advanced personalization technology to give a personal touch to a shopping experience. Amazon started this trend back in 2013 and there was a huge increment in customer base from 43 million in 2015 to 67 million in 2016. And, the main reason for this was personalized services offered by them.

Superior customer experience:

To achieve the better customer experience, your mobile commerce app should be fast, interactive, convenient, and exclusive. Because it matters, people know how mobile devices work, they know how to navigate to desired products in few clicks. So, the overall functioning should be easy and convenient in order to achieve the best customer experience. Simply, smooth customer experience equals to better conversion rates and revenue. One can add specific features such as easy navigation and multiple payment gateways with m-commerce app development project to engage with more potential customers.

Implementation of emerging technologies AR and VR

Augmented reality is basically developed in mobile apps to add digital components into the real world in such a way that it enhances each other. It revolutionized the m-commerce industry by solving customers doubts and improves internal processes to provide a seamless shopping experience. In near future, it will provide a different value to brands, consumers, and retailers. As AR shoppers, spend more time in visualizing and configuring products in the real world. This all results in better consumer engagement.

Virtual Reality is another emerging trend that will definitely take the retail industry to a newer dimension in terms of shopping experience. For an example, Alibaba’s new innovation Buy+ VR is making shopping experience truly startling and exceptional. It will place VR among the top m-commerce app development trends in the future.

Staying 24*7 Connected & Updated

It is a crucial task for any business to stay connected with consumers at all the times. The m-commerce or e-commerce mobile app effectively helps you in achieving this. When the network is accessed, mobile devices can connect and do commerce transactions easily. So, it is better to be a mobile commerce app available for users to download and can access your store anywhere anytime. However, to retain new customers and entice new users, you need to consistently update the m-commerce app.

Increase productivity & reduce cost

As compared to web store or other selling platforms, m-commerce app development maintenance and support are cheaper. Also, you can cut down marketing campaign costs by reaching your customers faster with a mobile app. The features of a phone like GPS, microphone, and camera can easily integrate with mobile commerce apps in order to engage with people in an more engaging way. Furthermore, social media integration with mobile apps play a significant role in marketing and advertising your product or services. When your app gets popular, you can place ads to generate revenues. Thus, m-commerce app development increases productivity and & reduce effort and cost both.

Final words

Mobile application and m-commerce app development are expanding continuously. It can allow a business owner to become a better monitor of online sales, faster follow-ups, and make more conversions on daily basis. Further, it provides personalized user experience and has the tendency to encourage new customers as well as a return of existing users.

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