Install or Upgrade To PHP 7 For Better Performance

While the developers will be waiting for PHP 6 with baited breath, PHP went one step further and launched PHP 7. It is the official upgrade of PHP after its version 5.6 which was launched in 2014. The time to plan migration from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 has also arrived. The rationale behind not releasing the 6th version is the fact that many book issues and blogs had used the name PHP 6 even after the project was abandoned. Had the latest PHP version released with PHP 6 name, there would have been confusion all around. The performance of PHP 7 is said to have been improved to a very large extent. The version is officially called PHPng(PHP next generation).

Websites that were awaiting the update to PHP 5.6 have got many reasons to rejoice. Many groundbreaking features have been added to this latest version and nothing can be a better choice to migrate from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.

Some of the reasons why PHP 7 is something to look forward to

    • More number of web pages entertained per second

The earlier version could entertain only 42-page requests per second. PHP 7 is capable of handling more than 69 home page requests. This clearly shows that the latest version is truly the best in terms of performance.

    • More Efficient WordPress

When you use PHP 7 with WordPress, the end result obtained has enhanced efficiency and productivity. The earlier version had to use around 95 million CPU instructions (approx) to cater one WordPress request. There has been a 72% decline in this number as PHP 7 is able to execute one request in just 26 million CPU instruction.

    • Better support for 64 bit Windows

When you used PHP 5.6 with 64 bit Windows, at times, native integers and file system were not supported. This issue has been resolved in PHP 7 as it supports both of them. Although PHP could be run on Windows earlier, but the latest version will make use of the 64 integers as well.

    • Faster Application in Magento

The entire idea behind PHP 7 has been to enhance the speed and performance. When you use PHP7 in Magento, you can clearly sense the spike in the performance. PHP 7 is able to achieve up to 3 times the number of transaction on Magento which is quite impressive. Moreover, the memory consumption has also gone down by 30%.

    • Support for developers

Many new features have been added in the latest version to make the developer’s job easy. Resolution of fatal errors has been made possible where the developers may fix these errors by adding exceptions in the code. Other features like Spaceship operator, scalar type declaration, return type declaration, null coalescing operator, anonymous classes, etc. are aimed to assist the developers in their job.

These advanced features must have impressed you to the core. Especially its performance with WordPress and Magento is quite appreciable. If your website uses any framework or CMS based on PHP, it’s the time that you switch to PHP 7 and enjoy faster and smoother performance that is truly next generation.

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