HireWebDeveloper, a prestigious name in the web designing and development, is committed to maintaining 100% security as well as confidentiality of the client’s valuable data at every step. The company knows the worth of your information and data, hence put forward every possible step to keep it secure and confidential. This approach helps us to get a profitable and renowned business over the web. Rather than expressing security of your private information theoretically or in words, we prove it practically. Our transparency and dedication towards work indicate that how effectively we maintain privacy policy to keep your data secure.

Confidentiality is our top most priority and before proceeding to the project development, we require every secret information and data from the clients for a transparent work. We give an assurance of maintaining the privacy policy and keep the client’s information highly secure without disclosing it to the outside sources. Privacy policy covers use, storage and sharing of the private information. Our company is strict to security and confidentiality and be sure that not even a single part of information or data will be disclosed at no cost.

Knowing the IP address of our customers and the online visitors is a prerequisite for the company as it helps to identify the issues faced by them while visiting our websites or the servers. Contact details are also required, so that our visitors or the clients get accurate information without compromising the security. We are not aware of the privacy policy of other companies/sites, so give your valuable information to them at your own risk.

Collecting personal information of the users– When the users visit our website, we ask them to fill up a form consisting of their personal information like Name (First & Last), Sex, Date of Birth, Email ID, Residential Address, ZIP Code and Phone Number. This information is very crucial to know about identity of the users. As we know that this information is secret, so its security and confidentiality is our primary objective. The company never misuse it and does not perform any editing or manipulation operation. If in any circumstances this information needs manipulation, then it is carried out by our trusted teammates under our supervision.

Information based on technical aspects– Technical information regarding software, access date & time, hardware configuration is maintained by us to enhance our service standards. This valuable information helps us to maintain records like total visits & the pages viewed, time spent on the website, etc.

Way of using the information– We use the information only in a legal manner and ensure that it is never disclosed to any other parties.

Do you change the information? Yes, we change it, but only when it is required at its extreme level. Before changing the information, we mail our valuable users and ask for permission to make changes.