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Mobile retail app

With the global rise of mobile users, mobile apps have become far more popular than desktop and other mobile websites. Mobile devices have an important role to play when it comes to develop a connection between mobile users and the emerging brands. According to the recent surveys made, it has been predicted that the rise of shopping apps has multiplied enormously.

A retail mobile app not only solves the problem of acquiring better mobile experiences but also enhances the chances of repeated mobile sales.

This blog illustrates the different areas where retail mobile apps fall short of and the measures one need to take in order to develop a successful retail mobile app for your business.

Keep A Strong Eye On Customer Experience

customer experience

Respecting, valuing and knowing your customers is a key to succeed in the online industry. It is a foolish decision to waste money on resources that your shoppers won’t appreciate at all. The best way to understand your customers is social media. Reach out to them via social media to listen and understand their needs. This will help you create a better retail mobile app, thereby leading to outstanding results.

Say “Hi” to social sharing

Social Sharing

These days, retailers have started social sharing on their mobile applications. With the help of social sharing, businesses help users in the buying process by taking referrals from friends on Facebook and Twitter. These days, retail mobile apps feature an advanced functionality that allows shoppers to add products to their wishlist and share them across multiple social media platforms. With this feature, both the shoppers and consumers are getting benefited. There are instances when users can earn reward points by connecting, liking and sharing the product or services.

Design should be fun and convenience oriented

Mobile App Design-

A retail mobile app must have the functionality to easily browse, search, view products and new product categories. Inclusion of easy and quick options like search functionality and sort filters not only keep your customers engaged but also allow repeated sales. In order to process secure and easy transaction, mobile apps should automatically save the card info and other personal details to ensure heightened security.

Avoid creating artificial barriers in the processing of an app. This will distract and annoy the user, compelling them to leave and never come back again.

Privacy is the key element

Mobile App Privacy-


Security issues are the major obstruction to retail app use and acceptance among users. Due to the continuously expanding online hacking practices, customers are becoming quite sensitive to share their personal information. In order to safeguard private information, store owners should prevent sharing their customer’s data with third parties. It is important to assure customers that the information provided is safe and used only in the context of approval made by them.

Keep environment as native

Native Apps

Everyone is aware of the functionality a native app offers. Not only in terms of speed but also performance, native apps are well known to offer the best result. Compared to web-based applications, native applications result into higher conversion rates. So, it is the sole responsibility to have native application for a retail store.

Inculcating the right features

right features

It is important to select the right functionality to deliver an app that is flawless in performance. In order to make it usable for customers, push notification serve a great purpose. They offer the latest updates and relevant product offers to customers from brands they love.

The other interactive and advanced features that can be integrated include, ability to zoom in on products, simple/quick checkouts that help customers look for their desirable products.


What’s NEXT??

Using such interactive methods is an innovative way to keep customers engaged. However, there is still a scope for improvement for developing apps with innovative features. In order to make shopping fun and intuitive, it has become mandatory for store owners to make use of advanced technology.

Keeping the present market trends in mind, it has become necessary to have a mobile app that is rich with personalized content and is high on speed. By delivering a rich mobile experience, business would foster a strong relationship by fulfilling the needs of customers.

To conquer the retail mobile app space, online retailers need to step up their app functionality in terms of personalization, rewards and loyalty.


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