Factors To Consider While Choosing a PHP Framework
php framework

With the availability of large number of PHP framework in news, it becomes quite difficult to choose on the right one. The use of these frameworks help design websites which are easy to maintain and implement. However, before choosing a PHP framework for your business, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before developing a web application. Let’s take a quick glimpse of these-

Here are some questions you need to ask before deciding upon a PHP framework for your business-

What will your hosting environment be?

Some frameworks require additional installation application on the server which may not be the case in shared hosting environments. Here, you need to check whether your business is going to deal with huge information processing or a lightweight framework that is portable and self-contained.

What is the purpose of designing application?

You might be willing to start an eCommerce business application or a messaging platform or directory. Determining the purpose of your application is important to choose whether you want to make use of platform with databases and multiple servers that would enable faster connectivity or a framework that comes with libraries and extensions to deal with credit card processing.

What are the weakness and strength of your developers?

It is important to have an understanding of how skillful and inefficient your developers are who will actually be working to design that application for you.

After taking into account these important considerations while choosing a PHP framework, you need to look at some basic requirements of popular PHP frameworks and their features which would help you determine which one to choose from.


Probably this framework has received its name from the phrase- “A piece of cake”. Considered as one of the most user-friendly of all PHP frameworks, CakePHP comes with excellent features. This framework comes jam packed with authentication practices, security measures as well as a piece of cake session handling. CakePHP can definitely be considered as the best choices for rapid web development services.


CodeIgniter is a PHP framework suitable for developers who always seek a better and simple framework to code upon for website development with strict deadlines. Easy and ready to implement the framework, CodeIgniter comes with amazingly structured documentation which will allow you to understand all possible angles of development. So, if you need a sleek, efficient and light framework, CodeIgniter is a perfect choice.


Being the most popular object oriented web application framework, Zend is implemented in PHP5 to develop custom web applications. Most of the developers prefer to use Zend framework as it facilitates lesser coding writing for the project. A major plus of Zend Framework is its clear structure and licensing model. Many IT Teams create designing solutions, content management systems, particular software products working on features offered by Zend framework. Because of its simplistic approach during PHP development, Zend stands out, especially when most applications are custom-made.


YII is a free, open-source web application development framework based on PHP5 programming. This PHP framework combines the best features like MVC, Database aspect object, DB migration, Ajax based widgets, and several other drooling features of PHP. The process of authentication and authorization is a piece of cake with the YII framework. It is considered as an ideal framework for developing social network applications and websites.

Kohana Framework

Recommended for websites with high volume of traffic, Kohana is basically based on CodeIgniter. It has a clear documentation and active community. Unlike CodeIgniter, it works on PHP 5.3 and has got extra advanced features to work for small to medium web applications and custom content management systems.


Symfony has its own share of the debugging toolbar as well as a profiler which acts during the delivery of framework. For a developer, Symphony gives the liberty to pace up with the creation of several PHP applications. High level of customization, extreme lightness and high level of security make it a preferred choice for designing advanced applications. With features like URL routing, robust templating engine, powerful plug-in API, internationalization and test suites, it makes a great pick for designing enterprise level web application.

Choosing the best PHP framework must not be taken lightly as it is a long-term commitment. Keeping the above points in mind, you need to make a wise selection. If you are looking for professionally designed PHP website application, hire an experienced PHP developer who is well versed with the advanced technologies to design usable websites for your business.

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