Hire a Joomla Developer or a Development Company! What to Choose?
Whether To Hire a Joomla Developer Or a Development Company

Joomla is an open source content management system that has been sliced from Mambo. With 30 million downloads till date, Joomla is among the most popular and preferred CMSs in the world. Various websites like linux.com, Cloud.com, Harvard University – The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and MTV Greece have been developed using Joomla.

Registering an active and strong online presence has become indispensable for the businesses in the recent times. Joomla is considered one of the most widely used content management systems that let you design and develop websites fast. Its rich library of themes, templates, and add-ons ensure that the websites are packed with the advanced features and functionalities. All that is needed to be done is to hire Joomla developer from a reputed web development company and leave the job to him.

Advantages of Using Joomla

Ease of use: It may not be as easy as WordPress but is not too complex to handle. The UI is flexible and with the slight efforts, you can perform many operations on Joomla.
A variety of extensions: Joomla’s extensions are categorized into plugins, languages, components, and modules. Every category adds different features to the website and hence, is easy to manage.
A large developer community: The developer community supporting Joomla is large and powerful resulting in availability of several free and open source plugins.
Robust Content management: It can handle a large amount of content as it has been designed to be an enterprise-grade CMS.

Making a choice between a development company and a Joomla Developer

A robust and efficient content management system is key to the success of a website that thrives by serving content to the users. To create such a CMS, you require the expertise of Joomla developers who can be hired from an offshore development company. Alternatively, you can also hire the services of a development company without hiring a developer individually.

Factors that should be considered before making the choice

  • Size and complexity of the project
  • Urgency of the project
  • Resource allocated for the project

The choice of hiring a Joomla developer or a development company depends on multiple factors. The most important being the size and the complexity of the project. Usually, a Joomla project is small and requires a CMS to be built to manage the content. An experienced Joomla developer can easily handle such projects and accomplish it in a matter of few days.

Another factor that comes into play is the urgency of the project. If your company is already ahead of the deadline and you want to finish the project in the least time, you may require the service of a company. A company can deploy more than one developer on your project and accomplish it faster.

The third factor that can be instrumental while making this decision is the cost of the project. If you are running on a small budget, you may want to hire a Joomla developer and get your work done by paying the remuneration of just one developer. However, if the budget is not an issue, you can hand over the project to the development company and save on time.

You can now make better and informed choice related to hiring of the Joomla developers. Size up your project on the basis of the factors mentioned in the blog and choose whether you wish to hire a Joomla developer or give the project to an offshore development company.

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