Education App - Benefits of Mobile Apps in Education Industry

Educational mobile apps have changed the phase of education. It has done amazing things for students, has made the learning process much easy and fun. Many application has also got features that boost the engagement via knowledge orientation activities.

Mobile apps: How did it impact on the educational industry?

The technology has influenced almost everything across the globe. Earlier, the education system was only linked with money. As time changed, there has been a new innovation that has changed the outlook of the education system. The world witnessed a revolution in this sector.

The education system has changed a lot with the invention of mobile apps. It has accommodated as well as imparted a new pattern for students to learn things. Today, the students are equipped with an augmented understanding of the subjects. To improve more productivity, educational apps is an essential element to attract parents and students.

The world is at tapping distance and a student can access to any data or information from anywhere. Now students do not have to be in a hurdle to visit the library and search for the information. They can take time and learn things at their pace, as everything is just at a clicking distance.

These days students are spending more time on social networking sites, but now children are using mobile apps to learn their lessons. According to the recent survey, the educational category (mobile apps) is the 3rd most popular segment.

The mobile app has given access to infinite data and information. This digital technology has fully revolutionized the educational system.

Benefits of using educational mobile apps:-

  • The quality of the courses is tailor-made and well-maintained. This will meet all the requirements of all the candidates individually.
  • It will provide full-length video lectures with hi-tech animations.
  • Numerous mock tests and practical tests are provided to students.
  • They will include the best tips and suggestions, which is not only helpful in developing the skills of problem-solving and learning tough concepts.
  • Every student will be assigned with the personal mentor. They will mentor and assist them in clearing all the doubts.

Finally, this concept of visual learning that makes them best. This has ruled the hearts of parents as well as the students.

The market size of educational mobile apps

The statics shows that the global educational market was worth $165.36 billion in the year 2016 and is expected to go beyond $243 billion by 2022. It is rising at a pace of 5.08% CAGR.

Are you planning to develop an educational app? Hire a mobile app developer from an established agency and develop an app that makes your app look outstanding.

As mentioned above, an established agency will have certified and experienced mobile app developers such as hire an iOS app developer, Windows app developer, Android app developer, etc.). They will be updated with the latest tools and technologies. They will develop unique and business workflow mobile apps that can boost your business.

To make your mobile app synchronize and work you must hire an Android app developeror any other developer who can lower the impact of complexities.

What are the advantages of hiring a mobile app developer?

  • They will help you manage and process the data in real-time.
  • They will integrate all the services and do the testing based on the model.
  • They will develop unique, classy, sleek, and relevant platform structure.
  • They will develop secure and reliable push notifications, payment gateways, etc.

How mobile apps are transforming the educational industry?

As a business owner, you should develop interactive and dynamic mobile apps. You must develop an accessible learning environment for your students. You must focus on:-

  • Personalized learning.

With the strength of almost twenty to thirty students in a class, it will be quite stressful for a teacher to pay special attention for each and every student. This can be in terms of paying attention in the classroom or gaining complete knowledge.

Sometimes it is very difficult for the students to keep up with the pace in the class. Some students may be good in one subject, may not be good with the other. This is where mobile app comes their rescue. You must ensure that you balance the availability of students as well as teachers.

  • Enhancing knowledge.

The educational area is quite dynamic. Every day new inventions and information are added. These updated apps are up-to-date and give updated information. The students can easily enhance their knowledge and develop their credibility.

These days even teachers are using mobile educational apps to give updated knowledge. The new way has definitely helped many students to learn and perceive the information. Hence, you should develop a platform where you can collaborate well with both students and teachers.

  • 24/7 availability.

Unlike institutions and schools, your mobile app should be available all the time. You must manage the schedules. You must also make sure that if your students have any confusion or queries related to any subject, they can get in touch with the respective tutors or teachers.

  • Assignment assistance.

Sometimes the students face some difficulties in some assignments even though they have got complete knowledge about it. You should develop an app that suggests an easy way to complete their assignments.

Note:- Your mobile app should connect the teachers and parents so that they get regular updates about the status or report.

  • Remote access

Your students can track the lectures and won’t miss any lectures. This feature will enhance your business. Your students will be less burdened as they can easily access all the information and keep themselves updated with the curriculum.

Implementation of extra features that will make your educational mobile app outstanding

Below mentioned are the key features that will make your mobile apps outstanding:-

  • Parents access.

This will allow the parents to manage their child as well as the study courses selected by them.

  • Track syllabus.

Parents should be given access so that they track the lessons and syllabus their child is watching.

  • Assess performance

You must give access to parents so that they keep an eye on their child’s performance and test reports.

  • Set a reminder regarding the attendance.

In any case, if the student is not attending the class at the scheduled time, then an alert should be generated and sent to parents.

  • Discounts

If a student is subscribing to numerous packages (subject/courses), then they should be offered special offers or discounts.

Final Note

In conclusion, there are many mobile app development agencies in India that develops educational mobile apps. But make sure that you check their testimonials and reviews. Mobile apps are the future of the educational industry.

As a business owner, you must make sure that you must bring in the radical change in which teachers teach and students learn. Hence, you must develop an educational mobile app that will effectively emerge as a critical part.

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